10 Activities for Couples in Toronto

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10 Best Things to Do for Couples in Toronto

Although Toronto is not commonly seen as a hub of romance, there are several exceptional destinations to explore with your significant other. The city boasts a plethora of exquisite locations, ranging from historic neighborhoods to scenic parks and, notably, the downtown skyline, which dazzles with its illuminated splendor throughout the evenings. 

Our list provides a range of activities, attractions, and budgets for all types of dates, including first dates, second dates, special occasions, and even double dates. Although there are numerous ice-skating rinks available during the winter, providing plenty of opportunities for couples to enjoy each other’s company, the summer in Toronto offers a wider range of activities. In our list of the top 10 things to do for couples in Toronto, you will find a diverse selection of options.

Morning Bike Tour of Toronto Islands

The Toronto Islands provide magnificent vistas of the Toronto cityscape, while also serving as a nearby retreat from the urban environment. The area is predominantly in its natural state, with ample parkland and beaches for exploration. 

Additionally, notable attractions such as the Gibraltar Point Lighthouse and the Royal Canadian Yacht Club are worth visiting. Some of the islands prohibit cars, making biking the sole means of transportation to fully appreciate the surrounding landscape. Toronto Bicycle Tours offers bicycles and knowledgeable guides to enhance your travel experience.

Walk back in time in Casa Loma

Although constructed from 1911 to 1914, Casa Loma has the architectural style of an 18th-century Gothic Revival fortress. Originally, it was a conspicuous display of affluence, conceived by the individual who constructed the inaugural hydroelectric facility on the Niagara River

The site has been transformed into a museum and monument, attracting visitors and serving as a sought-after location for wedding ceremonies. Its main attraction is its exquisite 5-acre gardens, which are accessible to the public from May to the end of October. Visitors have the option to take self-guided audio tours of the 98-room castle and its gardens, which are offered in multiple languages. The admission fee for adults is approximately $30, while children are charged around $20.

Trinity Bellwoods Park

Trinity Bellwoods Park is often regarded as the most popular destination in Toronto for a romantic picnic. The location features pleasant woodland areas, as well as tennis and volleyball courts. Additionally, there is a playground specifically designed for children.

Furthermore, a farmers’ market takes place on Tuesdays throughout the summer season. During the winter season, there is an open-air ice rink available for skating. The park may be accessed via the streetcar, with the Queen St West at Strachan Ave stop conveniently located near the entrance. The vicinity surrounding Trinity Bellwoods Park offers a wide array of stores, cafés, and restaurants.

SOMA Chocolatemaker

Flowers and chocolates are essential elements of romance, and although SOMA does not offer flowers, they excel in the art of crafting chocolates. Their shop in the Distillery District is the first and possibly the finest, blending the delightful ambiance of the region with truly handcrafted confections. 

The cacao beans are roasted and winnowed on the premises, and then the chocolate is refined to create exceptional gelato, biscuits, sipping chocolate, and delicious truffles. If you have a like for sugary treats, you will definitely enjoy the strong, cocoa-scented aroma that greets you as soon as you enter.

MICHELIN Star experience

Toronto holds the distinction of being the inaugural Canadian city to be featured in the prestigious MICHELIN Guide. Indulge your date with a dining experience at one of Toronto’s 15 esteemed restaurants that have been awarded MICHELIN stars, or choose from the 82 restaurants featured in the second edition of this highly regarded guide. To ensure a memorable experience, make a reservation ahead of time, whether it is for a significant event or simply to surprise your sweetheart. 

Unable to obtain a reservation? Consider exploring these alternatives to MICHELIN Guide restaurants, or these exceptionally luxurious Japanese eateries.

Watch the sunset from CN Tower

The CN Tower is unquestionably the most emblematic structure on the Toronto skyline and, at a height of 553.3 meters, ranks among the tallest self-supporting buildings globally. Transparent elevators take passengers to the LookOut Level, situated 346 meters above ground level. This primary observation platform offers panoramic views of the city and the adjacent Lake Ontario

Additionally, there is a level that is completely glass, so you can look down the entire structure. Undoubtedly, the optimal location to savor the sunset is the revolving 360 Restaurant, where you may enhance the romantic ambiance by reserving a table.

Twilight helicopter

If you find the sight from the CN Tower to be awe-inspiring, We suggest experiencing the sensation of being in a helicopter and hovering over Toronto at an additional altitude of approximately 50 meters! Toronto Heli Tours provides the chance to go on flights exclusively for two individuals, accompanied by a skilled pilot. These flights will take you over Exhibition Place, High Park, the city center, and the illuminated Harbourfront region, where the fading sunlight reflects off Lake Ontario

There are flights available during the day, but an evening trip adds an extra romantic touch that the complementary gift basket just can’t equal.

Chester Hill Lookout

The Chester Hill Lookout is situated at the terminus of a residential street in the Playter Estates region, located to the northeast of Old Toronto. Nevertheless, the tranquil cul-de-sac provides an exceptional vantage point of the city’s skyline without any cost. 

From this vantage point, one can observe the Don River and the adjacent parkland, with the prominent Bloor Viaduct in the forefront and the towering CN Tower in the background. No other perspective showcases Toronto’s natural, industrial, and commercial landscapes in such a unique manner. The ambiance is particularly enchanting during the evenings, when the city lights illuminate the skyline.

Toronto Harbour dinner cruise

While Toronto boasts numerous excellent restaurants, only a limited number have a comparable vantage point of the city skyline. A harbor dinner cruise offers a distinctive perspective of the harborfront region, including prominent landmarks such as the CN Tower, Rogers Centre, and Gibraltar Point Lighthouse. In addition, a gourmet buffet-style supper is provided, including a variety of vegetarian and vegan choices. Following your supper, you have the option to engage in dancing to the melodies provided by the DJ or simply relish the scenery alongside the love of your life.

Rooftop bars

On sunny days, residents of Toronto like to spend time outdoors, taking pleasure in the sunshine. They (as well as you) can do that at a good number of rooftop bars. The Thompson Hotel‘s poolside bar has one of the most exceptional views, however, they require guests to dress formal evening attire. 

The Porch on Adelaide Street West offers a more relaxed atmosphere while still providing an excellent vantage point to admire the CN Tower. The Sky Yard at the Drake Hotel offers a spacious, sheltered space that is accessible throughout the year, regardless of the weather conditions.

Explore Toronto Together

You’re sure to have an amazing time in Toronto that you’ll be talking about for years to come, no matter how you decide to spend your romantic getaway.

Explore castles, art galleries, towers, marketplaces, and parks in the picturesque city of Toronto to enrich your love story with several memorable experiences. The list of enjoyable things to do in Toronto for a couple is genuinely infinite.

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