How to Get To Niagara Falls From Toronto?

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You have found the ideal blogpost if you are seeking a comprehensive guide on how to get from Toronto to Niagara Falls.

For numerous tourists in Toronto, the primary allure lies not within the city itself, but rather two hours out at Niagara Falls.

It is not surprising. The “Canadian Falls,” or more precisely known as Horseshoe Falls, are an authentic marvel of nature and a much sought-after destination for travelers from Canada and beyond.

What is the route from Toronto to Niagara Falls? Fortunately, this trip may be easily accomplished in a single day. With a car at your disposal, the journey is a delightful 130km drive in every direction, taking around 90 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the traffic conditions. It is important to be aware that during the busiest time of the year, parking lots around the falls tend to reach maximum capacity, and as a result, you may need to drive about for a period of time before finding a parking spot. If you desire to travel to the United States falls or explore vineyards in the vicinity, opting to drive yourself is the most suitable option.

Is it possible to reach Niagara Falls without the use of a car? 

Indeed. We are thankful that there are some of the greatest year-round public transportation alternatives in Canada between Toronto and Niagara Falls, even if you don’t own a car or a driver’s license. One may reach Niagara Falls from Toronto in around two hours via bus, train, or group trip. (It is also a favored route for ambitious bikers!)

Below are various transportation options available for traveling from Toronto to Niagara Falls without the need for a personal vehicle, along with cost-saving suggestions.

What’s the Best Way to Get to Niagara Falls from Toronto Without a Car?

Let’s Start with Go Train (GoTransit)

The most convenient method of travelling from Toronto to Niagara Falls is via Go Transit. Go Transit is a regional public transportation system that operates commuter trains and buses throughout the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario.

If you are seeking transportation and intend to pursue your own explorations as a self-reliant traveler, they provide highly efficient timetables and reasonably priced tickets for traveling to Niagara Falls from Toronto. Complimentary Wi-Fi is available on the ship. Food and beverage service is not available. Children aged 12 and below can travel for free.

A Go Train even operates on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, providing transportation from Toronto to Niagara Falls around the year. Previously limited to summer usage, this route has lately been extended to operate throughout the entire year, which is quite favorable. The train departs from Toronto’s Union Station and has a travel time of two hours, reaching its destination at the Niagara Falls Train Station located at 4267 Bridge Street, Niagara Falls. Typically, there is a single train available in the morning and another in the afternoon. The return trains normally arrive in the afternoon or early evening.

This train is equipped with three dedicated cars specifically designed for bicycles. This allows passengers to conveniently bring their own bikes and explore Niagara Falls or Niagara on the Lake. 

How About Go Transit Buses?

Is it possible to visit Niagara Falls on weekdays? Additionally, Go Transit has a bus that runs multiple times during the day. You have the option to travel by rail until you reach Burlington Station, where you can then switch to the bus. Although it may not be as handy, it will nonetheless transport you to your destination in slightly more than two hours. Go buses are equipped with front-mounted bike racks that can accommodate up to two bicycles. Availability is determined on a first-come, first-served basis. The bus transports you to the identical station as the train.

You have the option to utilize a Go bus for the entire duration of your journey, on any given day. Although it is less picturesque and time-consuming, it is one of the few alternatives for leaving Niagara Falls if you like to enjoy the fireworks or evening activities without staying at a hotel, as there is a bus available for return at 10:20pm.

Upon reaching the Niagara Falls Station, you will observe that it is not in close proximity to the falls. There are three options open to you: walking, using a taxi, or using the Niagara Falls bus system, known as WEGO. WEGO has multiple routes that cater to the main tourist destinations in Niagara Falls. It runs on a Day Pass basis, allowing passengers to use the service for either 24 or 48 hours. On-board payment to the driver is not permitted. The items are available for purchase in the Bus Terminal located at 4555 Erie Avenue, directly opposite the train station. WEGO buses are equipped with front racks that can accommodate up to two bicycles.

The cost of Go Transit to Niagara Falls is really affordable, and they provide multiple offers to enhance its value.

What Else Should You Know About Go Transit?

During weekends and holiday Mondays, a Go Transit pass may be purchased for a mere $10 per day or $15 for a two-day period. It is possible to go from Toronto to Niagara Falls and return in a single day for a cost of $10.

These passes are exclusively available for purchase online and require “activation” five minutes prior to boarding. Therefore, a smartphone is necessary to fully utilize this opportunity. Purchase a weekend pass at this location.

Currently, the cost of Go Train/bus trip from Toronto’s Union Station to Niagara Falls is $21 for adults aged 13 to 64, and $10 for seniors aged 65 and above. You have the option to acquire this product through online channels, or alternatively, obtain a physical ticket from the self-service terminals located at the stations using either a debit or credit card, or by paying in cash at the ticket booth situated at Union Station. By utilizing a Presto card, you have the ability to just touch it on the designated device, resulting in an immediate deduction of your fare. 

The most advantageous option for a day trip to Niagara Falls on public transportation is the Go Transit/WEGO combination pass. The cost for a round trip Train ticket, including a 48-hour WEGO card for unlimited buses around Niagara Falls, is $25 for adults, $8 for youth (ages 3-12), and $17.50 for seniors. Upon arrival in Niagara Falls, it is necessary to present your combo ticket receipt at the ticket office of WEGO Card in order to obtain the card. Although it may be inconvenient and somewhat bothersome during peak times when you are in a rush, once you get the card, WEGO becomes straightforward to utilize.  Exclusively accessible through online platforms prior to the event. 

Exhale. There are numerous Go Transit choices available. To summarize, if you desire to travel from Toronto to Niagara Falls in a manner that aligns with the local experience, we strongly suggest utilizing the weekend Go Train service. If you are planning to attend on weekdays, consider using the bus as a transportation option.

What About Getting from Toronto to Niagara Falls With Buses Not Named Go?

There are two inexpensive bus companies that provide transportation between Toronto and Niagara Falls. They offer a greater variety of schedule possibilities compared to the limited Go train departures and have a similar duration of travel. 

Both businesses use “dynamic pricing,” meaning that the earlier you purchase your ticket, the less it will cost. Additionally, there is an option to make an extra payment in order to have the ability to select your seat. Complimentary Wifi is available, however there is no provision for food or beverage service.

It is important to be aware that these buses depart from the recently constructed Union Station Bus Terminal located at 81 Bay Street, rather than the older Toronto Bus Station situated at Bay and Dundas. Furthermore, Greyhound busses are no longer in operation at this location.

FlixBus is a German corporation that takes pride in its ecologically friendly public transportation system, which is relatively new to the Toronto market. The fare for travel between Toronto and Niagara Falls ranges from $20 to $40.

FlixBus distinguishes itself by two notable features: their provision of departures from Scarborough Town Centre and their ability to bring passengers closer to the falls, specifically at either Fallsview Casino or Livingstone Street at Fallsview Blvd.

Megabus is a renowned American bus company that is widely recognized for its inexpensive $1 fares. There’s a limited amount of these deep discounts on each bus. The typical cost is from $20 to $40 for a one-way trip. Megabus transports passengers to the Niagara Falls Terminal, which is also the location used by Go Transit.

Via Rail Train from Toronto to Niagara Falls 

Via Rail is the primary railway network in Canada, providing a picturesque and comfortable two-hour journey between Toronto’s Union Station and Niagara Falls Train Station. Regrettably, there is a sole train service available daily, departing from Toronto’s Union Station precisely at 8:20am, and making its return journey from Niagara Falls at precisely 5:40pm. Furthermore, Via is widely known for its persistent track difficulties and delays, making it an unfavorable option for individuals with little time.

If you have a keen interest in trains or desire a comfortable travel experience with onboard food and beverage service, you can obtain the most favorable price for your Via Rail ticket by purchasing it on Discount Tuesdays. The base rate for regular tickets is $25 for one-way travel, however it can go to $100 on dates with high demand.

The Casino Shuttle:

Individuals who are 19 years old or more and intend to engage in gambling activities in Niagara have the opportunity to utilize a local undisclosed method of transportation known as the casino shuttle.  Coaches transport gamers from Toronto to the Fallsview Casino.

These establishments have certain regulations, such as prohibiting the presence of luggage and maybe requiring possession of a players club card. However, it is advisable to investigate further since they often provide complimentary gaming opportunities that match the cost of your transportation, thereby making it cost-free. The primary firm, Safeway, operates departures from many locations throughout the city, such as Chinatown, Pape Station in the eastern part of the city, or mid-town. These departures offer late return options, with scheduled times at midnight or 3am. To obtain the specifics, you can make reservations by phone and contact them accordingly.

Taking a Niagara Falls Organized Day Tour

Are you interested in a guided day trip from Toronto to Niagara Falls, where all the entertainment is arranged for you?

Several travel companies provide coach itineraries from Toronto, which include visits to popular attractions. Trips showcasing Maid of the Mist boat tours, wine tastings, and even helicopter rides are available.

The cost per person for these starts at approximately $100. While you may not have the leisure time to independently explore Niagara Falls, opting for a guided tour offers the advantage of reduced walking distance, which is particularly beneficial for individuals with limited mobility. Additionally, a knowledgeable tour guide will provide insightful information about the region’s historical background. This is the most convenient method to witness the finest aspects of Niagara Falls within a single day.

Private Shuttle from Toronto Airport to Niagara Falls

If you are arriving at Toronto’s Pearson airport and wish to travel directly to Niagara Falls, consider utilizing the services of Niagara Air Bus.

The cost of a shared shuttle service from the airport to your hotel in Niagara Falls is approximately $99 plus tax. However, if you make a reservation at least 84 hours in advance, you can avail an Early Bird discount.  Additionally, you have the option to reserve a private vehicle for a cost of $269 plus applicable taxes, which is particularly advantageous for larger groups. (Reservation must be made one week prior.)

Now that you are aware of all your public transit alternatives from Toronto! Beyond the falls, the Niagara Region is a veritable treasure trove of attractions, from kitschy haunted homes to world-renowned vineyards. Have fun!

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