St. Lawrence Market

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Location: 92-95 Front St. E., Toronto, Ontario M5E 1C3 Canada

Suggested duration: 2-3 hours

Farmer’s Market
Saturday – 5am to 3pm

South Market
Tuesday to Friday – 9am to 7pm
Saturday – 7am to 5pm
Sunday – 10am to 5pm
Monday – Closed

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How to get there?

7 min walk from King Station
10 min walk from Queen Station

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Located in the heart of the historic Old Town Toronto, in close proximity to the bustling downtown area, lies the St. Lawrence Market Complex (93 Front St. E.). This iconic destination comprises three buildings that have played integral roles throughout Toronto’s history, serving as a social hub, City Hall, and a vibrant marketplace combined with mouthwatering eateries.

With stunning views, shops, amusement parks and delicious food options, you won’t run out of things to explore while visiting the Toronto Islands Park. The most crowdy island – Centre Island – the largest in size too- you will come across numerous attractions and fun activities to enjoy with your companions. Discover the Russian Beach and marinas on the island. Russian beach is one of the favourite location to enjoy summertime campfires while you watch the boats moor around the Lake Ontario.

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Eateries at St. Lawrence Market

Renowned for its diverse array of culinary choices and exceptional quality, St. Lawrence Market offers an abundance of delightful eateries and watering holes.


A cherished establishment serving delectable fish and chips crafted from fresh seafood, Buster’s Sea Cove is the ideal spot for a gratifying lunch. Having been a beloved fixture at the market for numerous years, it has earned its place as one of Toronto’s favored dining destinations within St. Lawrence Market.


Embracing Canada’s French connection, Crepe It Up Café presents a delightful creperie experience. Indulge in your favorite crepe toppings while observing the skilled chefs expertly preparing your meal right before your eyes.


For close to two decades, Yip’s Kitchen has delighted patrons with mouthwatering Chinese cuisine at St. Lawrence Market. Given its perpetual stream of new visitors, you can always expect fresh and flavorful dishes. However, be prepared to wait in line, as Yip’s Kitchen is exceedingly popular.


If the thought of spanakopita or baklava tantalizes your taste buds, a visit to Yianni’s Kitchen is a must. Renowned as the premier Greek food establishment in Toronto, this restaurant offers an array of delightful options. From savory Greek omelettes for breakfast to succulent roast lamb for lunch, Yianni’s Kitchen promises an exciting culinary journey with an abundance of delectable new flavors to explore.

Attractions at St. Lawrence Market

In 2012, St. Lawrence Market was acclaimed as the world’s premier food market by National Geographic in their article titled “Food Journeys of a Lifetime,” surpassing renowned markets like New York’s Union Square Greenmarket and St. Lucia’s Castries Market.

A visit to the market easily justifies this recognition. The market entices visitors with an array of offerings: locally sourced produce, freshly baked goods, gourmet cured meats, specialty cheeses, preserves, soups, sandwiches, and a diverse selection of international cuisine. The welcoming vendors create a sense of home as you immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere, absorbing the sights, sounds, and tantalizing aromas of this cosmopolitan marketplace.

While St. Lawrence Market is renowned for its culinary delights, it also serves as a fantastic destination for shopping and engaging activities, especially during the iconic Saturday Farmers’ Market. Every weekend, local farmers and artisans gather indoors and outdoors, filling the complex with an array of delightful and visually stunning treasures for you to discover and purchase.

On Sundays, the market undergoes a transformation into an enchanting antique bazaar, offering an assortment of exquisite relics from the past. From unique rugs and furniture to charming trinkets that make perfect mementos, exploring the Sunday Antique Market provides an authentically Torontonian experience.

During weekdays, the market becomes a haven for local craftsmen and artisans, showcasing their skillfully crafted goods. Whether you’re seeking handcrafted jewelry, high-quality natural clothing, accessories, crafts, or souvenirs, this bustling marketplace offers an ideal setting to find that one-of-a-kind item you’ve been searching for.

If the abundant gourmet food inspires you to try your hand in the kitchen, consider participating in one of the market’s cooking classes. From baking to knife skills to cooking with wine, the market provides an exceptional opportunity to refine your culinary expertise. No other place surpasses St. Lawrence Market when it comes to honing your skills as a chef and creating culinary masterpieces of your own.

The history and timeline of St. Lawrence Market

  • 1803: Lt. Governor Peter Hunter designates a specific area, known as the Market Block, encompassing the land north of Front, west of Jarvis, south of King, and east of Church Street.
  • 1831: The original wooden market building is replaced with a sturdier brick structure.
  • 1845: The City Council moves its operations to the Council Chambers located on the second floor of the market building.
  • 1849: Tragedy strikes as the Great Fire of Toronto engulfs the brick market structure, along with a significant portion of the city. Plans are formulated to reconstruct the Market Block, incorporating the construction of a new St. Lawrence Hall.
  • 1850: The magnificent St. Lawrence Hall, designed by William Thomas, is unveiled and swiftly becomes a central hub for social activities within the city.
  • 1851: Construction commences on a new North Market building, situated at the southern end of St. Lawrence Hall.
  • 1904: To accommodate the growing population of Toronto, the original City Hall building is demolished and replaced with a new one.
  • 1967: As part of the City of Toronto’s Centennial project, the third floors of the St. Lawrence Market building are restored.
  • 1968: The North Market building is demolished, making way for the construction of the present-day building.
  • 1972: Concerned citizens advocate for the renovation of the historic South Market building, which faced initial discussions of potential demolition by the planning board.
  • 1974: Renovations on the South Market building commence, supported by funding from the Federal-Provincial Winter Capital Projects Fund.
  • 1977: Approval is granted by the City Property Department to restore the original City Hall structure.
  • 1978: Renovations on the South Market are completed, with the basement renovated and repurposed for retail use.
  • 1979: On March 7, 1979, the Market Gallery officially opens its doors.
  • 2003: St. Lawrence Market proudly celebrates its remarkable 200th anniversary, marking two centuries of its existence as a cherished landmark in Toronto.
  • The rich history of St. Lawrence Market showcases its resilience and adaptability, remaining a beloved destination that continues to thrive and captivate visitors to this day.

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