Top 5 Grocery Stores in Toronto

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Top Supermarkets in Toronto

Welcome to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, a vibrant and diversified city where a rich tapestry of grocery stores cater to the many tastes and preferences of its citizens complement the busy urban landscape. In this multicultural city, grocery shopping surpasses its routine nature and becomes a captivating journey through diverse cultures and culinary customs. 

Toronto provides a wide range of choices for both residents and visitors to explore when it comes to finding fresh fruit, international delicacies, and everyday staples. 

These alternatives include charming local markets as well as large-scale superstores. Accompany us as we explore the varied supermarket options in the city, discovering both lesser-known treasures and well-known favourites that contribute to Toronto’s vibrant culinary culture, reflecting the diversity of its residents.

There are over 5,000 different grocery stores in Toronto. The top grocery stores in Toronto transform grocery shopping from a chore into an enjoyable experience that introduces you to a wide variety of new foods and culinary creations you can cook in your own kitchens.

Though it’s by no means exhaustive, the list of top grocery stores and shops in Toronto is meticulously curated to ensure that it’s more than simply another item crossed off your list.

No Frills

Location: All over GTA & Toronto

Prices: Economical

Toronto is home to the well-known budget supermarket company No Frills, which has stores all around the city. They put a lot of effort into leading the market in prices and often have excellent sales on a few things. Usually, they promote these on their website or in their flyers.

At the moment, the grocery store chain operates at 14 locations in Toronto. No Frills will match rivalry prices if you find a comparable product at another chain grocery store. The owner of No Frills is Loblaw Companies Limited. 

Among the many generic brands that the store carries is the No Name brand, which is available at all of the businesses owned by Loblaw Companies Limited.


Location: All across GTA Toronto

Prices: Low

Again with stores across the city, FreshCo is Sobeys’ low-cost grocery chain. Like No Frills, they prioritize being the lowest price leader and providing excellent bargains on the majority of products.

There are now nine locations for FreshCo in Toronto. FreshCo will match prices up to one penny if you find a comparable product offered by another grocery store. 

If, with the exception of select products, you’re not happy with your purchases, FreshCo offers a “double fresh” guarantee. This implies that you will receive a replacement product in addition to a refund for your original purchase.


Location: All across GTA & Toronto

Prices: Low

Supermarket giant Walmart has just lately begun offering groceries as well as other generic products.  If your shopping list is diverse and includes things like electronics or clothing, this is a fantastic place to check out.

Orders of $25 or more can receive free curbside pickup from Walmart. If you would rather have your groceries delivered to your house, they also have a delivery service in place. At the moment, Walmart operates six locations in Toronto. 

When it comes to food and other items it sells, the company competes on pricing. Walmart is a cheap grocery store, but its web reviews for its products aren’t great. Other grocers might be more sensible to take into consideration if price isn’t your main issue.

Food Basics

Location: All across Toronto

Prices: Low

Metro Inc. is the owner of Food Basics, another low-cost grocery chain. Across Toronto, there are eleven Food Basics outlets.

Food Basics does all in its power to keep commodities promoted in flyers stocked. In the case that the item isn’t available, you’ll receive a rain check good for an extra 10% off your next visit.

The chain competes on pricing, just like the other low-cost grocery stores on the list. You can get a complete refund from Food Basics if you’re not happy with how fresh a product is.


Location: All across Toronto

Prices: High

Sobeys is the owner of the Foodland chain. Compared to the cheap grocery chains on our list, Foodland presently only has four stores in Toronto.

According to customer reviews, Foodland offers a decent selection of products for purchase in-store. Employees may even take your items to your car in some circumstances. 

One drawback is that the prices in-store are more expensive in comparison to other Toronto-based supermarkets.

Grocery Stores in Toronto for Bulk Buying:


Loblaws is regarded as a pricier option among major supermarkets. While it may be slightly more expensive than its competitors, the quality of its fresh food justifies the higher costs. The branches of this huge company offer a wide range of foodstuffs, including an in-store butchery, fishmonger, bakery, and a hot food counter.


Metro is the chain that most likely has the most locations in the city; chances are, you shouldn’t be too far from one if you live or work there. The prices are typically quite competitive, and there is the additional advantage that some Metro outlets operate 24 hours a day. Metro’s fresh food counter provides a variety of meal package alternatives that are highly favorable for its lunchtime customers. For an only $8, customers can pick up a superb and nutritious lunch.


The company operates as a wholesale warehouse, offering merchandise in large quantities, and mandates an annual membership for individuals to become patrons. It is highly advantageous whether you are organizing a party or purchasing supplies for your new home, since the prices are significantly lowered owing to purchasing in large quantities, and they offer an extensive selection of products.


There are multiple Costco locations in the Greater Toronto area. One of the primary challenges of shopping at Costco is the inconvenience of not having a car. However, the company is now investigating the possibility of implementing a home delivery service in Toronto, following its successful launch in the United States. The annual membership packages vary in price, ranging from $60 to $120.


Sobeys is a prominent grocery shop known for its reputation of having some of the most expensive food prices in Toronto. It is highly prevalent around Toronto, with a total of 14 locations.

Sobeys, the supermarket, prioritizes sustainable practices and has a dedicated webpage on their website that outlines their approach to sustainability. Sobeys offers an excellent range of products and maintains consistently tidy and orderly locations. Customer feedback regarding Sobeys is predominantly favorable, while consistently highlighting the elevated cost of items.

Whole Foods:

Another grocery store chain to take into consideration when buying goods in Toronto is Whole Foods Market, which was acquired by Amazon in 2017. Whole Foods has a significantly smaller number of locations in Canada compared to other merchants on our list, with only two stores in Toronto.

Despite the relatively expensive costs, Whole Foods stores are known for their cleanliness, efficient organization, and generally favorable ratings. Whole Foods is renowned for carrying a wide range of organic products. Prioritizing quality beyond all else, the chain has outlawed over 230 items from its menu. 

How Can I Spend Less On Groceries In Toronto?

There are multiple strategies you can employ to reduce your expenses on groceries:

  • Don’t make needless impulsive purchases.
  • Make a list of everything you need to buy and follow it.
  • Create a comprehensive monthly budget for food expenses.
  • Whenever feasible, buy in bulk from Costco or discount grocery stores.
  • Shop for groceries during sales.
  • Purchase food with a shorter remaining shelf life.


When buying food, the decision usually boils down to choosing between the price and the quality, given the wide range of options available. If you seek more affordable groceries, feasible options include Costco, Freshco, No Frills, Food Basics, and Walmart.

Recall that there are independent, smaller grocery stores as well. To reduce your grocery expenses, initiating a budget is an excellent initial measure, which can now be conveniently accomplished using a smartphone budgeting app.

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