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What are the 3 Best Restaurants in Toronto?

Toronto defies classification as one of the world’s most culturally diverse cities. Unlike cosmopolitan cities such as Paris or Tokyo, whose restaurants have distinct and recognizable cuisines, Canada’s largest city, Toronto, does not have a fixed culinary identity. 

Its notable strength lies in the wide range of culinary styles it offers, while others highlight the pervasive Canadian influence that prioritizes the use of locally obtained ingredients and foraged ingredients throughout all food categories. Ultimately, there are numerous options available to you.

When you see stunning snow-capped mountains, picturesque coastlines, and verdant woods, you know you are in the Land of Maple Leaf. The city’s charm is enhanced by its lively urban landscapes and impressive historical landmarks. What other fame does this country covered with maple trees have? The dining scene is diverse! Canada, a haven for food enthusiasts, offers an exceptional gourmet experience. Every province in Canada possesses a unique collection of delicious treats.

Today, we will guide you through the streets of Toronto, which are renowned for their exceptional restaurants. Get ready to discover the finest restaurants in Toronto alongside us! 

Canoe Restaurant and Bar

The Canoe restaurant in Toronto offers a magnificent panoramic view, with the CN Tower on one side, planes landing at City Airport on the other, and Toronto’s stunning skyline stretching out into the horizon. Indeed, the culinary offerings in this place are on par with the quality of the real estate. The cuisine at Canoe offers a diverse and delectable selection of flavors and ingredients sourced from many regions of Canada, resulting in an exciting and delightful culinary experience. 

Discover exquisite foie gras sourced from Quebec, impeccably fresh Pacific salmon with a delicate flaky texture, and exceptional fruit and dairy products from Ontario. Choose between the Ontario burrata accompanied by birch-pickled cucumbers and prairie seeds, or the Quebec foie gras served with rhubarb, pink peppercorn, and sumac meringue. The tea-smoked duck breast, accompanied by duck-liver mousse, parsnip, and poached Niagara pear, is exceptionally delightful.

Sotto Sotto

Listed Sotto’s Italian cuisine is rich in flavor and satisfying, however it may not captivate gastronomes accustomed to more innovative menus— in certain aspects, the experience of being at this restaurant holds greater significance than the actual act of dining. However, it is worth noting that the seafood risotto, which requires approximately 40 minutes of preparation time, is quite exceptional. 

The wine list is primarily composed of super Tuscans, with a few frizzy Franciacortas. It offers a wide selection of high-quality wines, however they are somewhat expensive. The optimal period to visit is during the Toronto International Film Festival in early September, where there is a possibility of being seated beside a famous actor.


Scaramouche, a restaurant in Toronto, has maintained its popularity for 35 years by leaning on its waitstaff, who are referred as the most “unobtrusive and respectful”. A commitment to ethical sourcing and civic engagement throughout the cuisine, which features dishes like Quebec suckling pig, sustainable British Columbia caviars, and Ontario AAA beef. 

Keith Froggett, the chef and the owner, meticulously selects his ingredients and utilizes cooking methods that highlight their natural flavors. Individuals visit this place to commemorate significant achievements such as graduations, birthdays, and proposals. Despite the quiet atmosphere in the dining area, you will still observe a cheerful and joyful atmosphere among other diners.

Ready for a culinary adventure?  

That was our list of the 3 best spots to eat in Toronto! Experience a harmonious blend of enticing aromas and invigorating freshness in the finest Italian cuisine at Toronto’s top restaurants. Upon observing the extensive offerings of the finest restaurants in Toronto, it is impossible not to acknowledge and admire the city’s prominent position as a culinary hub, where traditional and innovative elements seamlessly converge.

Now that you are aware of the top restaurants in Toronto, continue on your culinary adventure and indulge in the exquisite culinary offerings the city has to offer.   

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