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Insider’s guide to shopping in Toronto

Toronto, a city with a strong Canadian heritage, serves as a destination for numerous immigrants and has one of the most varied communities in the world. Toronto, located approximately 90 minutes away from New York City by plane and even closer to Detroit, offers excellent shopping opportunities, catering to both those seeking vintage bargains and those interested in high-end fashion.

Toronto, the capital of Ontario, offers abundant opportunities for shopping enthusiasts, but it is important to be cautious of two factors: the sales tax and the unpredictable weather. When purchasing apparel, housewares, souvenirs, and other things, be sure to add an additional 13 percent to the listed price. 

If you visit during the winter months of December through February, be prepared for cold temperatures, with an average high of around 30 degrees Fahrenheit (minus 1 degree Celsius). It is advisable to cover up warmly or use the PATH walkways.

The Toronto Eaton Centre

The Toronto Eaton Centre is a spacious and well-lit retail mall located in the central area of downtown Toronto. It accommodates over 230 businesses, making it one of the largest malls in Canada. Additionally, it is consistently the most popular tourist destination in the city, based on the number of visitors it receives. The stores will attract both frugal individuals and extravagant spenders.

Since its opening in 1977, the mall has undergone multiple modifications throughout the years. The Toronto Eaton Centre provides subterranean access to the Toronto PATH network, which encompasses a variety of retail establishments and commercial enterprises. This feature renders it particularly advantageous during inclement weather conditions such as chilly or wet days.

The Toronto Eaton Centre is not only a shopping destination, but also houses a variety of exceptional restaurants. Additionally, it boasts a large mobile sculpture called Flight Stop, created by artist Michael Snow, which depicts a flock of Canadian geese.


The Yorkville neighborhood stands out as a charming exception amidst the towering high-rises and commercial complexes of Toronto. Located in a small area of the city center, the charming Victorian buildings in Yorkville contain numerous restaurants, shops, and art exhibition spaces.

Bloor Street runs parallel to Yorkville and offers premium shopping with renowned brands such as Holt Renfrew, Prada, Hermes, and Gucci.

Winners (Various Locations)

Winners is a retailer similar to TJ Maxx in the United States, offering designer brands at discounts of up to 60 percent off the usual pricing.

Stores are spacious and necessitate extensive sorting and searching, although the rewards are frequently worthwhile. Furthermore, Winners has multiple sites scattered across Toronto, making it a convenient addition to any shopping trip you do.

Hudson’s Bay Company

The oldest firm in Canada has multiple shop chains in Toronto and thousands of stores throughout the country. The main store is directly opposite the Toronto Eaton Centre. The Bay is a traditional department store that offers a wide range of products, including clothing, home supplies, and a dining area.

The Hudson’s Bay Blanket, sold for over two centuries, is a well-known feature of the Bay’s reputation. The Bay also includes a sector dedicated to TOPSHOP, a renowned U.K. retailer specializing in women’s clothes.


Toronto boasts one of the most expensive Chinatown districts in North America. Discover exceptional deals on unique fascinations, accessories, apparel, and domestic goods. In addition, it is worth noting that wherever there is a vibrant Chinatown, there is always an abundance of delectable cuisine, and Toronto’s Chinatown is certainly no exception in this regard. There are a multitude of restaurants that offer not only genuine Chinese cuisine, but also Vietnamese and other Asian dishes.

Chinatown spans from King Street to College Street along Spadina Avenue.

Queen Street

Queen Street crosses Toronto in an east-west direction, transitioning from a vibrant and nostalgic atmosphere to trendy shops and eateries, then to a hub for antique shopping, and finally leading to The Beaches neighborhood at the easternmost point.

Queen Street West (University Avenue to Spadina Avenue) is particularly renowned for its ability to attract customers. This region of Toronto is characterized by its edgy, hip, and stylish atmosphere, and is also home to some of the most well-known clubs and cafes.

The Queen Street West area has gained significant popularity, prompting the really bohemian individuals to relocate farther west to the region now recognized as West Queen West, situated between Bathurst Street and Niagara Street.

Kensington Market

Kensington Market is a highly regarded district in Toronto. If you are seeking an escape from tall buildings and massive shopping malls, Kensington Market provides a pleasant retreat from the typical commercial features. Kensington Market, located next to Chinatown, offers a wide array of vintage shops, affordable second-hand clothing stores, trendy cafes, furniture retailers, excellent dining areas, and a diverse selection of ethnic and organic grocery stores.

St. Lawrence Market

Situated in close proximity to the city center and at the heart of the historic St. Lawrence neighborhood, St. Lawrence Market comprises of the South Market, which houses more than 50 specialized food vendors and a gallery on its second floor, and the North Market, which has been hosting a Saturday Farmers’ Market for over a century. Every Sunday, the North Market building is filled with around 80 antique vendors.

Yonge and Eglinton (Midtown)

Yonge and Eglinton, also referred to as “Yonge and Eligible,” is a popular location among young professionals. It is characterized by a more relaxed atmosphere compared to Bloor-Yorkville. Here, you can discover a blend of trendy and distinctive items among more widely appealing options. Adjacent to the location is a shopping complex and an enclosed area for shopping. Alternatively, you can head north on Yonge Street and explore a range of boutiques selling clothing, home decor, and books. 

Get yourself something attractive and go hang out with the lovely individuals at one of the many clubs and restaurants in the vicinity. The distance between Yonge and Eglinton and Union Station or Eaton Centre can be covered in approximately 15 minutes by taking the northbound Yonge-University subway line.


The PATH is an extensive underground network of walkways spanning over 17 miles, primarily running parallel to Yonge Street and Bay Street, providing convenient indoor retail opportunities. The PATH is adorned with a variety of retail outlets, eateries, and amenities. Although it may lack a vibrant ambiance, it serves as a convenient shelter from inclement weather, ensuring warmth and protection from the outside world.

Don Mills

Located about 30 minutes north of downtown Toronto, CF Shops at Don Mills is an outdoor shopping neighborhood with approximately 70 retail businesses and a total floor area of 47,550 square meters.

Explore prestigious brands, such as Canadian designs from the renowned Roots and the upscale Yellowkorner photography collection. The center exudes a European ambiance, with generous room for strolling to the many stores, grocery shops, a theater, and charming restaurant patios.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, navigating Toronto’s diverse shopping scene offers an unforgettable experience for both locals and visitors. From luxury boutiques to eclectic markets, this guide has unveiled the city’s retail treasures. Toronto’s vibrant neighborhoods, unique stores, and cultural markets make it a shopper’s paradise. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, a foodie, or an art lover, Toronto has something to offer for everyone. 

So, grab your shopping bags and explore the ultimate shopping adventure in the heart of Canada’s most dynamic city.

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